UoM Research Software Engineers and their skills

UoM Research Software Engineers and their skills Patricia Barnby Patricia Barnby Java Java Patricia Barnby--Java Internet of things Internet of things Patricia Barnby--Internet of things Smartwatch Smartwatch Patricia Barnby--Smartwatch Application design Application design Patricia Barnby--Application design Jira Jira Patricia Barnby--Jira Trello Trello Patricia Barnby--Trello Xamarin Xamarin Patricia Barnby--Xamarin Android SDK Android SDK Patricia Barnby--Android SDK XCode XCode Patricia Barnby--XCode ASP.NET ASP.NET Patricia Barnby--ASP.NET Business analysis Business analysis Patricia Barnby--Business analysis Software testing Software testing Patricia Barnby--Software testing Version control Version control Patricia Barnby--Version control C# C# Patricia Barnby--C# Git Git Patricia Barnby--Git Project management Project management Patricia Barnby--Project management SQL SQL Patricia Barnby--SQL MySQL MySQL Patricia Barnby--MySQL Eclipse (software) Eclipse Patricia Barnby--Eclipse (software) Visual Studio Visual Studio Patricia Barnby--Visual Studio Kamilla Kopec-Harding Kamilla Kopec-Harding Data analysis Data analysis Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Data analysis Data science Data science Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Data science Data preparation Data preparation Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Data preparation Data integration Data integration Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Data integration Computational chemistry Computational chemistry Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Computational chemistry Python Python Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Python Stata Stata Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Stata R (programming language) R Kamilla Kopec-Harding--R (programming language) SPSS SPSS Kamilla Kopec-Harding--SPSS Text mining Text mining Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Text mining Structured Prediction Structured Prediction Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Structured Prediction Health data Health data Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Health data Real world data Real world data Kamilla Kopec-Harding--Real world data Josh Woodcock Josh Woodcock Josh Woodcock--Git Josh Woodcock--Data science Josh Woodcock--Python Josh Woodcock--R (programming language) Virtual reality Virtual reality Josh Woodcock--Virtual reality Augmented reality Augmented reality Josh Woodcock--Augmented reality Mixed reality Mixed reality Josh Woodcock--Mixed reality HoloLens HoloLens Josh Woodcock--HoloLens HTC Vive HTC Vive Josh Woodcock--HTC Vive Oculus Rift Oculus Rift Josh Woodcock--Oculus Rift Oculus Quest Oculus Quest Josh Woodcock--Oculus Quest LEAP Motion LEAP Motion Josh Woodcock--LEAP Motion VRTK VRTK Josh Woodcock--VRTK Unity (game engine) Unity Josh Woodcock--Unity (game engine) Web development Web development Josh Woodcock--Web development Web scraping Web scraping Josh Woodcock--Web scraping Scripting Scripting Josh Woodcock--Scripting DevOps DevOps Josh Woodcock--DevOps Django Django Josh Woodcock--Django Wagtail Wagtail Josh Woodcock--Wagtail Flask (web framework) Flask Josh Woodcock--Flask (web framework) Mobile app Mobile app Josh Woodcock--Mobile app Ionic Ionic Josh Woodcock--Ionic Cordova Cordova Josh Woodcock--Cordova Angular JS Angular JS Josh Woodcock--Angular JS Android (operating system) Android Josh Woodcock--Android (operating system) iOS iOS Josh Woodcock--iOS TypeScript TypeScript Josh Woodcock--TypeScript Markdown Markdown Josh Woodcock--Markdown JavaScript JavaScript Josh Woodcock--JavaScript C# (programming language) C# Josh Woodcock--C# (programming language) Data visualization Data visualization Josh Woodcock--Data visualization Plotly Plotly Josh Woodcock--Plotly Interaction design Interaction design Josh Woodcock--Interaction design Linux Linux Josh Woodcock--Linux Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Josh Woodcock--Microsoft Windows macOS macOS Josh Woodcock--macOS Version Control Version Control Josh Woodcock--Version Control Andrew Rowley Andrew Rowley Andrew Rowley--Java Andrew Rowley--Git Andrew Rowley--Python Andrew Rowley--Linux Andrew Rowley--Microsoft Windows Spiking neural network Spiking neural network Andrew Rowley--Spiking neural network Neuromorphic engineering Neuromorphic engineering Andrew Rowley--Neuromorphic engineering SpiNNaker SpiNNaker Andrew Rowley--SpiNNaker C (programming language) C Andrew Rowley--C (programming language) Travis CI Travis CI Andrew Rowley--Travis CI Jenkins (software) Jenkins Andrew Rowley--Jenkins (software) Embedded C Embedded C Andrew Rowley--Embedded C C++ C++ Andrew Rowley--C++ GitHub GitHub Andrew Rowley--GitHub Docker (software) Docker Andrew Rowley--Docker (software) Perl Perl Andrew Rowley--Perl Web application Web application Andrew Rowley--Web application High-throughput computing High-throughput computing Andrew Rowley--High-throughput computing Windows Subsystem for Linux Windows Subsystem for Linux Andrew Rowley--Windows Subsystem for Linux Java Native Interface (JNI) Java Native Interface Andrew Rowley--Java Native Interface (JNI) Aitor Apaolaza Aitor Apaolaza Aitor Apaolaza--Java Aitor Apaolaza--SQL Aitor Apaolaza--Data science Aitor Apaolaza--R (programming language) Aitor Apaolaza--JavaScript Aitor Apaolaza--Web application Visualization Visualization Aitor Apaolaza--Visualization Data mining Data mining Aitor Apaolaza--Data mining Node.js Node.js Aitor Apaolaza--Node.js NoSQL NoSQL Aitor Apaolaza--NoSQL LaTeX LaTeX Aitor Apaolaza--LaTeX Jquery Jquery Aitor Apaolaza--Jquery HTML HTML Aitor Apaolaza--HTML Data wrangling Data wrangling Aitor Apaolaza--Data wrangling XML XML Aitor Apaolaza--XML Ann Gledson Ann Gledson Ann Gledson--Java Ann Gledson--Internet of things Ann Gledson--SQL Ann Gledson--MySQL Ann Gledson--Python Ann Gledson--R (programming language) Ann Gledson--SPSS Ann Gledson--Text mining Ann Gledson--Django Ann Gledson--JavaScript Ann Gledson--C# (programming language) Ann Gledson--Linux Ann Gledson--C++ Ann Gledson--Perl Ann Gledson--Web application Ann Gledson--Visualization Ann Gledson--LaTeX Ann Gledson--Jquery Ann Gledson--HTML Ann Gledson--Data wrangling Ann Gledson--XML User interface design User interface design Ann Gledson--User interface design .NET Framework .NET Framework Ann Gledson--.NET Framework Microsoft UI Automation Microsoft UI Automation Ann Gledson--Microsoft UI Automation Machine learning Machine learning Ann Gledson--Machine learning Weka Weka Ann Gledson--Weka Delphi (programming language) Delphi Ann Gledson--Delphi (programming language) Object Pascal Object Pascal Ann Gledson--Object Pascal JSON JSON Ann Gledson--JSON Visual Basic Visual Basic Ann Gledson--Visual Basic Pandas (software) Pandas Ann Gledson--Pandas (software) Smart city Smart city Ann Gledson--Smart city Data modeling Data modeling Ann Gledson--Data modeling InfluxDB InfluxDB Ann Gledson--InfluxDB Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Ann Gledson--Microsoft SQL Server Celery (software) Celery Ann Gledson--Celery (software) Wagtail (CMS) Wagtail Ann Gledson--Wagtail (CMS) Graph database Graph database Ann Gledson--Graph database Robert Haines Robert Haines Robert Haines--Java Robert Haines--Software testing Robert Haines--Version control Robert Haines--Git Robert Haines--Project management Robert Haines--C (programming language) Robert Haines--LaTeX Agile software development Agile software development Robert Haines--Agile software development Test-driven development Test-driven development Robert Haines--Test-driven development Continuous integration Continuous integration Robert Haines--Continuous integration Ruby Ruby Robert Haines--Ruby Software Sustainability Institute Software Sustainability Institute Robert Haines--Software Sustainability Institute Reference management software Reference management software Robert Haines--Reference management software Credit Credit Robert Haines--Credit Open research Open research Robert Haines--Open research Reproducibility Reproducibility Robert Haines--Reproducibility Research software engineering Research software engineering Robert Haines--Research software engineering Empirical Software Engineering Empirical Software Engineering Robert Haines--Empirical Software Engineering Make (software) Make Robert Haines--Make (software) Robert is Head of Research IT Robert is Head of Research IT Robert Haines--Robert is Head of Research IT Anja Le_Blanc Anja Le Blanc Anja Le_Blanc--Java Anja Le_Blanc--Software testing Anja Le_Blanc--Version control Anja Le_Blanc--Git Anja Le_Blanc--Project management Anja Le_Blanc--SQL Anja Le_Blanc--Eclipse (software) Anja Le_Blanc--Python Anja Le_Blanc--JavaScript Anja Le_Blanc--Linux Anja Le_Blanc--Microsoft Windows Anja Le_Blanc--C (programming language) Anja Le_Blanc--Web application Anja Le_Blanc--Agile software development Anja Le_Blanc--Test-driven development Cloud computing Cloud computing Anja Le_Blanc--Cloud computing AngularJS AngularJS Anja Le_Blanc--AngularJS Bash (Unix shell) Bash Anja Le_Blanc--Bash (Unix shell) JSP JSP Anja Le_Blanc--JSP Tomcat Tomcat Anja Le_Blanc--Tomcat Apache Apache Anja Le_Blanc--Apache VirtualBox VirtualBox Anja Le_Blanc--VirtualBox Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Anja Le_Blanc--Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services Anja Le_Blanc--Amazon Web Services Contact Anja for Application Support and Training Contact Anja for Application Support and Training Anja Le_Blanc--Contact Anja for Application Support and Training Robin Long Robin Long Robin Long--Git Robin Long--Python Robin Long--R (programming language) Robin Long--C (programming language) Robin Long--GitHub Robin Long--LaTeX Robin Long--Software Sustainability Institute Robin Long--Reproducibility Robin Long--Bash (Unix shell) Ansible (software) Ansible Robin Long--Ansible (software) James Sinnott James Sinnott James Sinnott--Git James Sinnott--SQL James Sinnott--Data science James Sinnott--Python James Sinnott--JavaScript James Sinnott--Linux James Sinnott--Perl James Sinnott--User interface design Health informatics Health informatics James Sinnott--Health informatics Usability Usability James Sinnott--Usability User experience User experience James Sinnott--User experience MacOS MacOS James Sinnott--MacOS MongoDB MongoDB James Sinnott--MongoDB Objective-C Objective-C James Sinnott--Objective-C Phil Bradbury Phil Bradbury Phil Bradbury--Application design Phil Bradbury--ASP.NET Phil Bradbury--Project management Phil Bradbury--SQL Phil Bradbury--Visual Studio Phil Bradbury--Web development Phil Bradbury--C# (programming language) Phil Bradbury--HTML Phil Bradbury--XML Phil Bradbury--JSON CSS-LESS CSS-LESS Phil Bradbury--CSS-LESS Database Design Database Design Phil Bradbury--Database Design JQuery JQuery Phil Bradbury--JQuery Douglas Lowe Douglas Lowe Douglas Lowe--Git Douglas Lowe--Python Douglas Lowe--Linux Douglas Lowe--Perl Douglas Lowe--Make (software) Douglas Lowe--Bash (Unix shell) Douglas Lowe--MacOS Atmospheric chemistry Atmospheric chemistry Douglas Lowe--Atmospheric chemistry Chemical transport model Chemical transport model Douglas Lowe--Chemical transport model Weather Research and Forecasting Model Weather Research and Forecasting Model Douglas Lowe--Weather Research and Forecasting Model Kinetic PreProcessor Kinetic PreProcessor Douglas Lowe--Kinetic PreProcessor Numerical software Numerical software Douglas Lowe--Numerical software Scientific workflow system Scientific workflow system Douglas Lowe--Scientific workflow system High-performance computing High-performance computing Douglas Lowe--High-performance computing Fortran Fortran Douglas Lowe--Fortran National Center for Atmospheric Research National Center for Atmospheric Research Douglas Lowe--National Center for Atmospheric Research MATLAB MATLAB Douglas Lowe--MATLAB Apache Subversion Apache Subversion Douglas Lowe--Apache Subversion Peter Crowther Peter Crowther Peter Crowther--Python Peter Crowther--R (programming language) Peter Crowther--C (programming language) Peter Crowther--C++ Digital image processing Digital image processing Peter Crowther--Digital image processing Molecular dynamics Molecular dynamics Peter Crowther--Molecular dynamics LabVIEW LabVIEW Peter Crowther--LabVIEW Experimental data Experimental data Peter Crowther--Experimental data Instructor-led training Instructor-led training Peter Crowther--Instructor-led training James Schumm James Schumm James Schumm--Application design James Schumm--Git James Schumm--Web development James Schumm--Mobile app James Schumm--Microsoft Windows James Schumm--GitHub James Schumm--Perl Systems analysis Systems analysis James Schumm--Systems analysis Technical writer Technical writer James Schumm--Technical writer WordPress WordPress James Schumm--WordPress LiveCode LiveCode James Schumm--LiveCode PHP PHP James Schumm--PHP Andrew Jerrison Andrew Jerrison Andrew Jerrison--Application design Andrew Jerrison--ASP.NET Andrew Jerrison--SQL Andrew Jerrison--Mobile app Andrew Jerrison--Cordova Andrew Jerrison--JavaScript Andrew Jerrison--C# (programming language) Andrew Jerrison--Web application Andrew Jerrison--Visualization Andrew Jerrison--Machine learning Andrew Jerrison--Cloud computing Andrew Jerrison--Microsoft Azure Cloud applications Cloud applications Andrew Jerrison--Cloud applications Desktop app Desktop app Andrew Jerrison--Desktop app Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence Andrew Jerrison--Artificial intelligence Contact Andrew for RSE projects in FBMH Contact Andrew for RSE projects in FBMH Andrew Jerrison--Contact Andrew for RSE projects in FBMH Tony Evans Tony Evans Tony Evans--Java Tony Evans--Eclipse (software) Tony Evans--Python Tony Evans--Text mining Tony Evans--Web development Tony Evans--JavaScript Tony Evans--Linux Tony Evans--HTML Tony Evans--Amazon Web Services Tony Evans--MacOS Tony Evans--MATLAB Tony Evans--PHP Web search engine Web search engine Tony Evans--Web search engine Data cluster Data cluster Tony Evans--Data cluster Google APIs Google APIs Tony Evans--Google APIs Search engine optimization Search engine optimization Tony Evans--Search engine optimization Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets Tony Evans--Cascading Style Sheets EPOC EPOC Tony Evans--EPOC Symbian Symbian Tony Evans--Symbian Zend Zend Tony Evans--Zend Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver Tony Evans--Adobe Dreamweaver Theresa Teng Theresa Teng Theresa Teng--Application design Theresa Teng--ASP.NET Theresa Teng--Business analysis Theresa Teng--Project management Theresa Teng--SQL Theresa Teng--Visual Studio Theresa Teng--JavaScript Theresa Teng--C# (programming language) Theresa Teng--Microsoft Windows Theresa Teng--Web application Theresa Teng--HTML Theresa Teng--AngularJS Theresa Teng--JQuery Model-view controller Model-view controller Theresa Teng--Model-view controller Omeka Omeka Theresa Teng--Omeka Contact Theresa for RSE  projects in FHUM Contact Theresa for RSE  projects in FHUM Theresa Teng--Contact Theresa for RSE  projects in FHUM Gerard Capes Gerard Capes Gerard Capes--Git Gerard Capes--Python Gerard Capes--LaTeX Gerard Capes--Make (software) Gerard Capes--Bash (Unix shell) Gerard Capes--Fortran Gerard Capes--MATLAB Gerard Capes--Instructor-led training HPC HPC Gerard Capes--HPC Software carpentry Software carpentry Gerard Capes--Software carpentry Ian Hinder Ian Hinder Ian Hinder--Software testing Ian Hinder--Version control Ian Hinder--Git Ian Hinder--Python Ian Hinder--Linux Ian Hinder--C (programming language) Ian Hinder--Jenkins (software) Ian Hinder--C++ Ian Hinder--Docker (software) Ian Hinder--Visualization Ian Hinder--Reproducibility Ian Hinder--Bash (Unix shell) Ian Hinder--MacOS Ian Hinder--HPC Optimization Optimization Ian Hinder--Optimization Virtualization Virtualization Ian Hinder--Virtualization Correctness testing Correctness testing Ian Hinder--Correctness testing Middleware Middleware Ian Hinder--Middleware Numerical methods Numerical methods Ian Hinder--Numerical methods Partial differential equation Partial differential equation Ian Hinder--Partial differential equation Automatic programming Automatic programming Ian Hinder--Automatic programming Mathematical model Mathematical model Ian Hinder--Mathematical model Parallel computing Parallel computing Ian Hinder--Parallel computing Wolfram Mathematica Wolfram Mathematica Ian Hinder--Wolfram Mathematica libvirt libvirt Ian Hinder--libvirt MPI MPI Ian Hinder--MPI OpenMP OpenMP Ian Hinder--OpenMP VisIt VisIt Ian Hinder--VisIt Donal Fellows Donal Fellows Donal Fellows--Java Donal Fellows--Git Donal Fellows--Eclipse (software) Donal Fellows--Python Donal Fellows--C (programming language) Donal Fellows--C++ Tcl Tcl Donal Fellows--Tcl Fossil Fossil Donal Fellows--Fossil Manycore processor Manycore processor Donal Fellows--Manycore processor Web service Web service Donal Fellows--Web service Representational state transfer Representational state transfer Donal Fellows--Representational state transfer Workflow management system Workflow management system Donal Fellows--Workflow management system Apache Maven Apache Maven Donal Fellows--Apache Maven Object-oriented analysis and design Object-oriented analysis and design Donal Fellows--Object-oriented analysis and design Service-oriented architecture Service-oriented architecture Donal Fellows--Service-oriented architecture Compiler Compiler Donal Fellows--Compiler Ian Cottam Ian Cottam Ian Cottam--Software testing Ian Cottam--Version control Ian Cottam--Git Ian Cottam--Project management Ian Cottam--Linux Ian Cottam--C (programming language) Ian Cottam--C++ Ian Cottam--High-throughput computing Ian Cottam--Windows Subsystem for Linux Ian Cottam--Make (software) Ian Cottam--Cloud computing Ian Cottam--Bash (Unix shell) Ian Cottam--Microsoft Azure Ian Cottam--Amazon Web Services Ian Cottam--MacOS Ian Cottam--HPC Self-service Self-service Ian Cottam--Self-service Cloud storage Cloud storage Ian Cottam--Cloud storage Encryption Encryption Ian Cottam--Encryption Critical system Critical system Ian Cottam--Critical system AWK AWK Ian Cottam--AWK Dropbox Dropbox Ian Cottam--Dropbox HTCondor HTCondor Ian Cottam--HTCondor Oracle Grid Engine Oracle Grid Engine Ian Cottam--Oracle Grid Engine Contact Ian for RSE projects in FSE Contact Ian for RSE projects in FSE Ian Cottam--Contact Ian for RSE projects in FSE Adrian Harwood Adrian Harwood Adrian Harwood--Java Adrian Harwood--Xamarin Adrian Harwood--Android SDK Adrian Harwood--Git Adrian Harwood--Project management Adrian Harwood--Visual Studio Adrian Harwood--Virtual reality Adrian Harwood--Unity (game engine) Adrian Harwood--Mobile app Adrian Harwood--Android (operating system) Adrian Harwood--C# (programming language) Adrian Harwood--Linux Adrian Harwood--Microsoft Windows Adrian Harwood--C (programming language) Adrian Harwood--C++ Adrian Harwood--Java Native Interface (JNI) Adrian Harwood--User interface design Adrian Harwood--MATLAB Adrian Harwood--HPC Adrian Harwood--MPI Adrian Harwood--OpenMP Embedded system Embedded system Adrian Harwood--Embedded system General-purpose computing on graphics processing units General-purpose computing on graphics processing units Adrian Harwood--General-purpose computing on graphics processing units Game design Game design Adrian Harwood--Game design Real-time simulation Real-time simulation Adrian Harwood--Real-time simulation Process management Process management Adrian Harwood--Process management NVIDIA CUDA NVIDIA CUDA Adrian Harwood--NVIDIA CUDA OpenGL OpenGL Adrian Harwood--OpenGL Unreal Engine Unreal Engine Adrian Harwood--Unreal Engine Engineering Engineering Adrian Harwood--Engineering Computational fluid dynamics Computational fluid dynamics Adrian Harwood--Computational fluid dynamics Visual Basic for Applications Visual Basic for Applications Adrian Harwood--Visual Basic for Applications Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Adrian Harwood--Raspberry Pi Contact Adrian for RSE projects requiring Mobile or GPGPU apps Contact Adrian for RSE projects requiring Mobile or GPGPU apps Adrian Harwood--Contact Adrian for RSE projects requiring Mobile or GPGPU apps